We made constructions that marked the history of this country.

MASP - Museu de Arte de São Paulo
For us, building is much more than concrete monuments.

Ponte Gilberto Amado - Rio Piauí - Sergipe
We believe in a more modern and very participative engineering.

Estação Guarulhos-Cecap - CPTM
Ligação estação Engenheiro Goulart/
Aeroporto de Guarulhos São Paulo - SP
We act in the main segments of construction

We believe in this country and its potential. We know that we are the ones who build history, and that every opportunity must be seized with willingness and determination.

Building, for us, is much more than erecting concrete monuments. We understand that our work goes beyond. We work to achieve improvements in sustainability, social assistance and development, translated into works of transport, health, sanitation, energy generation, infrastructure and the environment.

Over 60 years participating in the history of Brazil

We’ve been doing this for so long that we don’t even realize how many stories we have to tell.

Stories of works that have marked Brazil in recent decades, actively participating in its development. Works as the construction of MASP – São Paulo Museum of Art – São Paulo’s postcard; the first subway stations in Brazil; the largest biogas plant in Latin America; the Cidade Jardim bridge – built using a system of successive cantilevers and prestressed concrete; the international airport of São Luís (MA), among others.

We proud ourselves from all of them, but today our focus is on the future. It is where we are inspired to seek new challenges, goals and achievements. We believe in a more modern and very participative engineering, focused on current values of citizenship and sustainability.

Decades of experience and practice in managing and operating major works

Decades of experience and practice have shown the importance of management principles, teamwork, persistence and resilience. Intrinsic characteristics in large-scale works that move a huge number of professionals, machines and equipment. This ongoing commitment to the operation dynamics of each work allowed us to act in most segment of civil construction, such as Infrastructure, Gas and Energy, Buildings, Manufacturing Plants and the Environment. Viaducts, bridges, sanitary landfills, water supply, treatment stations, subway lines, railways, highways, schools, thermoelectric plants, airports and countless other works that help the country’s development. Our certifications guarantee quality and safety in the execution of each project. These are certifications audited by international bodies, which ensure the best practices in civil construction, such as: code of conduct, environmental management, quality management, etc.


Planning and executing numerous works simultaneously in different parts of this country requires absolute operational logistical control that involves the movement of professionals, machines, equipment and a huge supply chain. For this, Heleno & Fonseca has developed its own techniques that mobilize engineers and professionals from different areas, in addition to the detailed planning of each project stage in which it operates.

Our performance, in practically all Brazilian states, demonstrates the logistical and operational maturity acquired in hundreds of works throughout the country. Works that involved a large administrative apparatus and highlighted Heleno & Fonseca as one of the most representative construction companies in the history of this country.

Our many works include: the construction of the São Luís International Airport, in the state of Maranhão; the construction of the Gilberto Amado Bridge, over the Piauí River in the state of Sergipe (the largest river bridge in the Northeast – 1,712 meters long); or the construction of countless subway stations in the capital of the state of São Paulo.