About us
Our commitment

A company focused on current values of citizenship and sustainability.

We conduct our business activities with honesty and integrity, in compliance with all the laws and regulations of the country, in accordance with ethical values, understanding that ethics are conducts of behavior that make it possible to ensure respect for the rights of others and that do not result in damage or damages to any interested party involved in the actions practiced, including the environment.

Thus, all of our staff members, partners and contractors acting on behalf of the Company should act with honesty, integrity and responsibility.


Build quality works efficiently, satisfying our customers, contributing to the development of the country and society, as well as adequately remunerating employees, partners and shareholders.


To act increasingly in the market, in a sustainable way, seeking recognition as a company of reference, tradition and committed to social and human values.


Behavior Integrity

We believe that work must always be guided by team spirit, with a true attitude, clear and transparent communication, respecting ethics in relationships and seeking the common good.

Proud to serve

We understand that the importance of our services to society (with emphasis on infrastructure works) brings us satisfaction for being agents serving the construction of the country.

Commitment to results

With proactive attitudes, we seek to obtain and exceed our individual and group goals, bearing in mind the results expected.

Heleno & Fonseca is part of Brazil’s history for over 60 years.
Our story

We believe in this country and its potential. We know that we are the ones who build history, and that every opportunity must be seized with willingness and determination. Building, for us, is much more than erecting concrete monuments. We understand that our work goes beyond. We work to achieve improvements in sustainability, social assistance and development, translated into works of transport, health, sanitation, energy generation, infrastructure and the environment. We’ve been doing this for so long that we don’t even realize how many stories we have to tell. Stories of works that have marked Brazil in recent decades, actively participating in its development. Works as the construction of MASP – São Paulo Museum of Art – São Paulo’s postcard; the first subway stations in Brazil; the largest biogas plant in Latin America; the Cidade Jardim bridge – built using a system of successive cantilevers and prestressed concrete; the international airport of São Luís (MA), among others. We proud ourselves from all of them, but today our focus is on the future. It is where we are inspired to seek new challenges, goals and achievements. We believe in a more modern and very participative engineering, focused on current values of citizenship and sustainability.

MASP - São Paulo Museum of Art. Built by Heleno & Fonseca and inaugurated on November 7, 1968, it was famous for boasting an engineering feat: a span of more than 70 meters that extends under four pillars. Designed by Italian-Brazilian architect Lina Bo Bardi and conceived by engineer José Carlos de Figueiredo Ferraz, the building is one of the proudest works in our portfolio.



Heleno & Fonseca is part of Brazil’s history for over 60 years.

Planning and executing numerous works simultaneously in different parts of this country requires absolute operational logistical control that involves professionals, machines, equipment and a huge supply chain. For this, Heleno & Fonseca has developed its own techniques that mobilize engineers and professionals from different areas, in addition to the detailed planning of each project stage in which it operates.

Decades of experience and practice have shown the importance of management principles, teamwork, persistence and resilience. This ongoing commitment to the operation dynamics of each work allowed us to act in most segment of civil construction, such as Infrastructure, Gas and Energy, Buildings, Manufacturing Plants and the Environment. Viaducts, bridges, sanitary landfills, water supply, treatment stations, subway lines, railways, highways, schools, thermoelectric plants, airports and countless other works that help the country’s development.

Our engineering division also works in the draft of environmental and structural projects, from the conception of the idea to the planning and execution of the work. The continuous search for excellence is one of the engines that drives us into the future, respecting ethical and compliance values, supporting the communities where we operate and helping to build a great Brazil.

Heleno & Fonseca Maintenance Park - São Paulo/SP

Responsibility Social and environmental


Acting in Sustainability and Social Responsibility is part of our commitment.

We believe we can improve the life of people and the environment through daily decisions and attitudes. Sustainable standards and norms are designed to minimize the environmental impact in all operations managed by Heleno & Fonseca. Simple actions such as: reduced consumption of fuels, reduced loss of supplies, and reuse of waste have been incorporated into the company’s goals and challenges.

Achieving economic growth with respect for the environment is possible and necessary. As the guardian of sustainability, Heleno & Fonseca works to care for and recover the fauna and flora impacted by each project carried out. We act in the capture and relocation of native animals and in the replanting of trees in areas that will be affected by the works. We know that there’s still a lot to do, and we are committed to finding solutions that meet the new needs of the country and the world.

Animals captured in Heleno & Fonseca’s areas of operation. They are cared for, classified, and relocated to conservation parks.

Big-eared opossum,
Brazilian opossum